Our goal is to source, hire, and retain the best drivers in the industry. We only want to employ drivers who believe in our company’s core values: Safety, People, Leadership, and Quality. Our leadership team reviews these values daily to guide our decisions. We encourage our drivers to use these core values as a template for all the decisions you make every day.


Always comes first and should never be compromised. Safety is our most important core value;
it is part of your job as an employee to never compromise safety. Your family, your employer, and the motoring public depend on you to be safe!


Always first, meaning you are our most valuable resource, and we want you to feel empowered in your workplace.

We strive to be the best logistics company to work for.


Our leaders should feel empowered and hold everyone at The Apodaca Group accountable. We also want our leaders to empower those below them,

leadership goes way beyond having a job title and all our team members have the potential to lead in their position at The Apodaca Group.


Should not be compromised and is what holds us all accountable to the service we need to provide.

We want to provide the best customer service experience possible to everyone we interact with.